An R&D-driven company, Shamir is a technological innovator in the field of optics. Its Freeform expertise and breakthrough lens design technologies make it a globally recognized leader in sports and occupational lenses, and custom designed lenses that ensure wearer comfort together with optimized visual acuity for virtually any prescription, in any shape frame. Shamir's new manufacturing technologies also make it a leader in fast delivery of top quality lenses.

Visual AI Engine™

Visual AI Engine

Visual AI Engine implements the continuous design concept along the entire matrix of optimization parameters such as: sphere, add, face-form angle, pantoscopic tilt, fitting height, base curve and index. Mimicking human intelligence, the engine runs a multi-dimensional optimization process, based on the various design genes. The complex design required for Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ would have been too demanding to achieve without the new technology of the Visual AI Engine. The end result is a product ahead of its time, designed with extreme accuracy for each Visual Age™.