Optimal Gaming Performance & Protection
Lens Family: Performance Lenses


Gaming is a fast-growing global culture, with an estimated 2.5 billion gamers worldwide. The video game industry is expected to reach over $300 billion by 2025. Today, it is one of the few sectors to experience a boom, as people of all ages turn to video games as a source of relaxation and entertainment at home. Gamers can spend hours in front of screens. We offer a real-world solution to improve their visual experience and keep eyes safe and comfortable - while using phones, computers and tablets. Our Millennium lenses enhance gamers’ vision so they can play at peak performance. Gamers have different visual needs. They experience longer exposure to artificial light, changing visual distances and multiple focuses. This raises exposure to harmful blue light, increasing the need for accommodation against unwanted reflections. As these can result in blurred vision, headaches & irritated eyes.


Enhanced Needs 

  • Changing visual distance frequently
  • Screen size/letter
  • Backlight
  • Artificial Light
  • Multiple focus and longer exposure


Visual Impact

  • Increased accomodation need
  • Incremental of convergence need
  • Unwanted reflections
  • Exposure to harmful blue light





Eliminates Eye Stress

Relieves headaches, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and more – to complete the mission!


Reduces Eye Strain with Added Visual Stamina

Users can play for hours without losing their skills, while retaining high visual comfort


100% Customisable for Any Frame


UV and IR Protection
State-of-the-art, anti-glare treatment with extra protection against infrared and UV.


Optimal Visual Contrast
Reduction of blue light effect helps gamers see their opponents clearer.


Enables Prolonged Exposure to PCs, Consoles and Smartphones 

Special SV lens design compensates for the lack of eye convergence while using long-term vision with digital devices and screens.


Thinner and Lighter, Longer lasting
Up to 10x more resistant to impact and 30% thinner and lighter, the lenses increase visual comfort and last for longer.


Peripheral Vision
Allows complete monitoring of the game scenes, with an increase in the field of vision and in the perception of details – leading to competitive advantages.



-6.00 to +6.00 dps



Accommodative support






HR 1.5, Poly 1.59, Superlite 1.60, 1.67



Blue Zero



Anti-glare, Glacier Plus UV IR