Autograph Intelligence™

An Intelligent Vision Revolution
Lens Family: Life Improvement Lenses

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Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is a continuous lens design that optimally matches the wearer’s visual needs and Visual Age™.

Today’s progressive lenses provide patients with a "personalized" lens based mostly on the measurements of the selected frame, or "customized" based on lifestyle information from questionnaires. This "one design" concept provides everyone with the same solution.

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How can we help you make the best lens choice to meet your needs,

without complicating the process?

To answer this question, Shamir embarked on an extensive research project harnessing elements of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We examined the visual behavior and preferences of presbyopes of all ages, by taking into account their Visual Age™.

*Visual Age™ refers to the physiological age of the eye (the required addition) and is generally correlated with the patient’s chronological age.
Closing the gap with Shamir Autograph Intelligence™

We started with our proven technologies:

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...and we added some new ones:


Eye Point Eye-Point Technology AI™

Utilizing Head Eye Integrative Movement software, Shamir can now see exactly where in the lens patients actually look, along both the vertical and horizontal meridian, when performing specific tasks in the various visual zones.

Continuous Design Continuous Design Technology™

Integrates various design genes based on 12 prototypes to provide a smooth, seamless lens design concept optimized for every Visual Age™.


Visual AI Visual AI Engine™

Runs a multi-dimensional process along the entire matrix of parameters affecting lens optimization. The complex design of Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ would have been too demanding to complete without the technology of this new engine.


Shamir Autograph Intelligence™

is our most innovative and intelligent design to date, utilizing 12 unique design concepts to meet the diversity of visual needs for each Visual Age™. Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ closes the gap between what today's presbyopes of all ages need in a progressive lens, and what they actually get. This revolutionary continuous design concept has been tailored based on our in-depth research and is relevant to your visual needs, whether you're a young, mid, or advanced.

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Research parameters

Analyzing visual behavior, we examined the different vision zones, and their frequency of use by presbyopes between the ages of 40 and 80. Our research parameters included near vision, digital vision, intermediate vision, switching from one vision zone to another (Switch Distances Frequency) and far vision.


What we learned...

Young presbyopes need a good solution for digital reading and support for dynamic vision. Near vision is a lower priority, since most reading is done on handheld digital devices.Moderate presbyopes demonstrate more balanced needs. All vision zones hold more or less equal importance. Advanced presbyopes need a good solution for far and near vision, while Switch Distances Frequency, intermediate vision and digital reading are a lower priority.


Preference of visual needs

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The gap in today's progressive lens design concepts

Our research findings revealed a clear correlation between each visual need and Visual Age™, meaning that each Visual Age™ is characterized by different visual preferences and needs. This conclusion supports the assumption that there is a gap between current progressive lens designs which are the "same for everyone", and the diversity of today's individual presbyopic needs.


How do various design concepts meet visual needs by Visual Age™?

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These are samples of what wearers get from a current progressive lens design vs. what wearers actually NEED, according to our research.



  • Every lens design is unique per each Visual Age™.
  • Easy entry to progressive lenses.
  • Instant focus for every distance.
  • Quick and easy adaptation.
  • Smooth transition between vision zones.
  • Unique user experience for every frame.
  • A lens ahead of its time harnessing cutting-edge technologies: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Updated vision zones include digital and computer viewing, with easy switching from one zone to another based on Visual Age™ priorities.


Whether you are 45 or 65, you can now get the best lens design, optimally suited to your visual needs and Visual Age.