Fast for You

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Fast4You by Shamir

What is Fast for You?

‘Fast for You’ is a priority service for customers who order any of Shamir’s premium products. It’s quick, simple and easy. Place the order and within 48 hours you will receive your edged lenses direct to your practice, no waiting. ‘Fast for You’ is only available online.

How to Order Fast for You?

FFY Ordering system

  1. Go to Shamir’s online ordering system (SOL)
  2. Start a ‘New Order’, then tick the ‘Fast for You’ box in the top left corner
  3. This will then condense the available products down to those included in the ‘Fast for You’ service
  4. Continue to fill in the rest of the order as normal
  5. Then at the end, check that 'Fast for You' is listed in your final product summary
  6. If it is, just click ‘Submit Order’ to complete the process

Delivery Timetable

Delivery timetable

Shamir will deliver your remote edged lenses within 48 hours of ordering (excluding weekends) please refer to the above table for the corresponding delivery dates. Additional charges apply - please speak to your area lens consultant or customer services for details.

Available Products

Available products2222

Terms and Conditions

‘Fast for You’ deliveries are sent next day tracked delivery from our manufacturing base in Portugal via UPS straight to the practice. Shamir will inform customers as soon as we are aware of any issues to minimise delays.

Things that may influence delivery times:

  • Public holidays, both local and Portuguese
  • Order queries
  • Stock issues

Additional Charges:
‘Fast for You’ Premium service is an additional charge per lens. Should Shamir fail to meet the 48 hour time frame (with the exception of factors outside our control) we will credit the ‘Fast for You’ fee.