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Every great frame needs a great lens, so Shamir are once again offering our multipair offer as of January 1st 2020 - BUT this time there's a difference! We listened to your feedback and have improved the offer to give you up to 6 months after the initial purchase to use it. So when your customers can’t decide between frames, need nice new sunglasses to go with their main specs or they simply like to change their look, you can fit them with some of the best lenses on the market, at a big saving for you both. So please make sure the code MP20 is used on the initial order so you then have the option to apply this offer to any additional orders within the 6 months.



From its success last year, we are sure you will make the most of it again this year because everybody involved understands the importance and benefits of multiple pairs. We also understand the importance of your time, and how you are busy caring for your customers as well as your staff and overall running of the business. This is why we are again offering you all the marketing support to go with the campaign, from Social media images and banners to physical POS materials such as posters, strut cards and table talkers. Simply complete the form below and we will send the requested materials direct to you:




The code MP20 should be written in the patient’s reference box on all orders. Our operational team will be looking out for it to then apply a 50% discount on the lowest priced pairs. Your individual discount terms will be applied to the other.

  • All jobs have to state MP20 when ordered.
  • Ensure MP20 is written clearly on offline order forms.
  • All prescriptions must have the same RX (or distance & near combinations).


Online ordering


  • Sign into your account
  • New job
  • Enter MP20 first in store order referencejob reference



For both sites repeat the process for any additional pairs, ensuring the patient reference and prescription are the same as the first order.



The Shamir multipair offer will be available to all promotional orders received from 1st January 2020 to 30th November 2020. All orders must be for the same patient, with same RX (or distance & near combinations).

  • Any additional pairs must be ordered within 6 months of the first order.
  • Promo code MP20 must be clearly stated on all orders in the job/store reference box.
  • All pairs must include a Glacier coating (either Glacier Plus UV, Glacier Achromatic UV, Glacier Sun UV or Glacier Plus UV IR).
  • Your current/usual terms will apply to the highest priced order for each patient and a 50% off list price discount will be applied to all additional lower priced orders for the same patient.
  • Discounts will apply to lenses and supplementary charges (see below for exclusions).

Exclusions include FSV (Stock lenses), glazed packages, glazing charges (always charged at your usual rate), HMC/HC or UNC lenses and Postage & Packaging charges. Current terms of business are unaffected. In the rare case of a progressive lens non-tolerance, a price adjustment will be made to your claim on a case by case basis. Shamir UK Ltd reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any given time.