Optician Awards 2019

Shamir UK’s innovative design & forward-thinking thinking puts them at the
forefront of lenses as they push back against competitors for ‘best lens product of the year’ with new progressive lens ‘Autograph Intelligence™’
at the annual Optician Awards.


Robot girl low res shamir branded

Image 1: Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ image



Saturday March 30th saw the return of the much-anticipated annual Optician Awards at Birmingham’s
Hilton Metropole. To many in the optics industry, the night is about celebrating their great products, people and practices and organisers ensure this is a true celebration. Because whether you win or are a finalist, to be shortlisted in such a prestigious ceremony is testament to the incredible work of all who entered.


In all, 18 trophies were presented in front of an audience of more than 500 optical professionals to reward the excellence brought to the optics industry. There was strong competition in each of the 18 categories with all entrants having to submit a 1000 summary of why they should win. In the case of Shamir UK, getting such an advanced product down to just 1000 words was tough and we used every single word (plus the 10% extra that is permitted) in order to show what a truly outstanding product Autograph Intelligence™ is. The panel that judges product categories is made up of between 20 and 30 external judges who are sent the entries before the scores are then brought before an internal panel where supporting product materials are assessed alongside the external judges’ scoring. The night was hosted by Optician Magazine with a welcome from the editor, Chris Bennett. (Optician Magazine is the UK’s only weekly and paid-for publication available in the UK read by 13,000 individuals).



2019 ‘Lens Product of the Year’ Finalists & Winners


winners 1 comp

Image 2: With the award: General Manager Phil Bareham. Right to Left:  Sales & Marketing Coordinator Rachel de Lacy & National Sales Manager Russell Bickle.



It was a real honour to be shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Lens Product of the Year’ with Autograph Intelligence™ but what an achievement to beat off the competition and take home a win, we are truly delighted. It means so much to us here at Shamir UK and across the globe because our world-renowned R&D team have created a truly incredible product that should shape the future for progressive lenses. It’s great to be recognised for the innovation in research and design that lets us create the best lenses that offer the best vision.
It encourages us to continue creating such great lenses as well as coatings and materials to help us achieve our main goal in all countries in which we are represented; we are united in our mission to recreate perfect vision. The credit given by optical organisations such as the Optician Awards means we can raise awareness of our incredible solutions to everyday issues.


All winners awards comp

Image 3: Centre back: GM Phil Bareham holding Shamir’s award, along with other award winners on the night


Whilst we champion the accolade for a great product in its own right, it is also a nod to our advanced design and newly coined technologies to have come up against some great products and competition and still pipped it to the post. Congratulations to the other finalists in this category:

- Zeiss: UVProtect Technology
- Essilor: Crizal Sapphire UV
- Waterside Laboratories: ULTRATHIN



The Award-Winning Lens: Shamir Autograph Intelligence™


Now for the important detail: all about the award-winning lens that lets Shamir prove their well-deserved excellence. The Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is a progressive lens that is Shamir’s most advanced product that understands the gap between current progressives and what wearers really need from them. This has resulted in a continuous lens design that optimally matches the wearer’s Visual Age™ to their visual needs with 12 lens designs born from the 1 progressive concept.


continuous design shamir

Image 4: Shamir’s Continuous Design Technology makes it possible to have multiple designs for 1 concept


We know that one size doesn’t fit all and entry level presbyopes will have different visual demands when compared to those 60+ for example, that have been wearing progressive lenses for 20 years. This is why we have centred it around Visual Age™ because there is a correlation to the power of the add and your chronological age; younger wearers require larger Digital Reading zones with smaller intermediate, as opposed to later stage wearers who have far stronger Near visual needs than Digital Reading and less Switch Distance Frequency. The figure below shows each add, and how much it requires of the various vision zones, which are displayed to the right.


autograph intelligence current prog vs ai V1 compImage 5: Current progressive lens design compared to Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ lens. 12lens designs in 1 lens concept based around the power of the add, varying vision zone use per design




The designs are based on extensive research of over 5 million Rx orders which were processed and
implemented using new Shamir technology such as the Visual AI Engine™. The complex design of this lens meant that without this technology combines with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data methods, we couldn’t have achieved the extreme accuracy for each Visual Age™.
Proven technologies such as Natural Posture™ and Close-Up™ as still utilised in the Autograph Intelligence™ lens designs to ensure comfortable and natural posture, as well as having the ability to adjust reading zone inset to an individual’s convergence during near viewing.


Benefits to the ECP

One of the greatest advantages of the Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ lens is that despite the complexity and extensiveness of the research and design to create the forward-thinking lens, by the time it gets to the ECP, all the hard work has been taken care of and it’s actually a very simple concept that is easy to discuss and dispense.
Part of this is due in part to it being a differentiating premium solution that uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data which is incredibly exciting which also allows for a specialised design for each Visual Age™ ensuring quick and easy adaptation.

Benefits to the Patient

Thanks to the smooth transitioning between zones with an almost instantaneous focus, patients find it easy to forget they’re wearing progressive lenses. This makes it an ideal solution for a person that finds themselves multi-tasking on a regular basis; you can easily switch between any distance that your lifestyle requires. For example, reading, digital devices and driving.


Current Testimonials

“Instantly upon putting on my new specs vision was great. There was no adaptation requires. Distance vision was extremely clear with distortions being minimal.”


“I put my new glasses on today and loved them straight away… The clarity is amazing, and it doesn’t even feel like you are
wearing a progressive lens as the transition from near to
distance is very soft (no looking for the sweet spot)”


“I haven’t had to swap out to my task pair while at my computer today. Much better intermediate than my current pair! The
Transitions colour looks great too.”


“these lenses are the easiest to wear. it is like wearing a single vision lens but I have very clear vision near and far, excellent lenses!”



The Autograph Intelligence™ lens is available to purchase in the UK and qualifies as part of our multipair offer, Enrich Life.     

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