Shamir Company History

1972 Beginning to manufacture a future

Shamir Optical Industry is established as a manufacturer of glass bifocal lenses.

1979 Expanding our field of vision

Beginning of accelerated development and breakthrough technology: progressive lenses.

1984 First product launch

Unveiling and launch of progressive lenses.

1987 Creating the mold for success

Shamir begins to market its services for advanced development of progressive lenses to other lens manufacturers, and launches its set of molds for progressive lens casting.

1988 Setting its sights on the world

First subsidiary is established, Shamir USA.

1992 New perspectives

Development and launch of first generation groundbreaking Eye-Point Technology® based on a full simulation of the eye’s view through the lens.

1999 A new corporation

Shamir Insight, Inc. is established as the US distribution center supplying semi-finished lenses to labs across the USA.

2001 A new product line

Through its partnership with Eyal Optical Industry, Shamir becomes a manufacturer of advanced, high quality plastic lenses.

2002 On the map in Europe

Shamir takes ownership of Rx lab in Portugal following partnership with Altra Optic GmbH.

2005 Shamir goes public

IPO on NASDAQ global market and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

2011 On the cutting edge of technology, all over the world

Focusing on sales and marketing of Rx products, Shamir constantly expands its partnership with labs and distribution centers in Europe and around the world.

Shamir provides professional services to optical shops worldwide, and continues to lead the global optics market, developing innovative products based on creative thinking.

2011 Shamir and Essilor merger

In July 2011, the merger between Shamir and Essilor is consummated. Essilor becomes a 50% shareholder in Shamir Optical Industry Ltd, and Shamir becomes a private company.

Shamir Company History

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