Customer Testimonials

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 15:05

"Shamir UK Ltd have been our preferred supplier for many years. Their constantly improving and updated portfolio of lens designs, coatings and materials allows enormous flexibility when dispensing. The support they offer to me personally as a dispenser is invaluable, each new product being explained, and with excellent technical support both written information, and in person with their Area Lens Consultant. Shamir continually push the boundaries of what is possible in lens design. For our patients, this means there is almost never a situation which cannot be remedied with the correct lens design, coating, material or tint, fitted to almost any frame. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their products or services to other professionals, and regularly do so to our patients."

Independent Practice, East Anglia


"We have been using Shamir lenses for a number of years now and I am particularly impressed with their sports lenses which we have successfully dispensed to many of our clients. I have a couple of pairs myself and I find they work extremely well when I go cycling. We have used a number of their progressive lenses and again our clients have adapted to them very easily. Shamir provide a very good level of service for us. It is reassuring to be able to speak to people at the factory so that any issues with jobs can be sorted out and to also help us get the best product for our clients. Our Area Lens Consultant is also extremely attentive to our needs and on a number of occasions has helped us out with a few problems we have had. Overall working with Shamir has been a pleasure and I am sure our relationship will develop more over the years especially as they bring out more products for us to dispense to our clients."

Independent Practice, Surrey


"We are a small Independent Opticians with not many staff. We find the support that we get from Shamir is like having an extra staff member for free. They are able to help with information on what product would be best for our patient’s needs. They are also very personable.  We can ask for a member of staff who already knows about our business, it’s like talking to a friend. The products that Shamir provide are fantastic. Nothing is too hard for them and the range is great too."

Independent Practice, West Sussex


"We have been dispensing Shamir lenses in our practices for many years now.  They are high quality, as are their coatings, and have a wide variety of options available for our uses. As to their customer services department - they are second to none!  They are always prompt with any queries and are willing to go that little bit extra to help in any way they possibly can.  They always keep us informed on the progress of our orders, should there be a delay, they let us know straight away.  They also keep in touch with us on a regular basis to make sure we are happy with the service they provide. I would highly recommend them."

Independent Practice, Bristol


"Extremely high quality service. Both in terms of customer support and the finished product. In our store, we specialise in high end frames, varying in material. Our customers expect their lenses to compliment the frame. I choose to send these jobs to Shamir, as their attention to detail is second to none. I recently had a high plus lens which had come back from a different company and I was dissatisfied with the overall finish, as the lenses were thicker than I thought necessary. I explained the situation to someone I speak with regularly at Shamir and around 10 days later, I received the job exactly to my specifications. The client was delighted with the aesthetics, and also explained her vision was perfect. I will continue to use Shamir, as I have complete faith in their work."

Independent Practice, Glasgow


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